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Monday March 5


Judge Mr James Thompson

TOTAL FORWARD 52 prime cattle, 2197 sheep

A smaller show of prime bulls met a sharper trade. Mr Dempster, Castlehill, run of Limousin bulls topped at 212.5p and 208.5p bought by Mr Charles Kirkpatrick and Mr Bill Howard. Mr Wigham, Hargill House, sold the top overall priced Limousin bull for 211.5p/kg at 768kg, £1624 to Mr Charles Kirkpatrick. Mr Strong, Wheatsheaf, sold a Limousin bull for 210.5p/kg to Mr Charles Kirkpatrick.

A poor show of prime cattle met an increased demand. Mr Brian Hall, Ainstable Hall, run of cattle topped at 222.5p/kg for a Limousin cross heifer and 220.5p/kg for British Blue heifers both purchased by West Scottish. Messrs Carruthers, Glenzier Foot, run of heifers topped at 220.5p/kg for a Limousin cross heifer bought by West Scottish. Messrs Fawcett, Silverhow Farm, sold the top priced Limousin cross bullocks for 215.5p/kg bought by Pioneer Foods.

A total entry of 2197 head of sheep were forward. Hoggs met a brisk trade throughout, however heavy hoggs are still meeting a limited demand. The sale averaged 209.22p/kg which represents a good return. Top price per head was £116.80, paid for Beltex hoggs from Messrs Fisher, Lairdlaugh, and Messrs Bell, Winterhope, both bought by Mr Andrew Dawson. Top price per kg was 294.20p, paid for 38kg Beltex hoggs from Messrs Wharton, The Snade, selling at £111.80 again to Mr Andrew Dawson.

Included was the special show of prime Cheviot hoggs . The judge awarded the Championship to a pen of South Country Cheviots from Messrs Wilson, Woodside. Weighing 45kg, they sold at £94 to Mr Arthur Slack. The Reserve Championship was presented to a pen of 47kg North Country Cheviots from Messrs Maxwell, Halket Leathes, which sold at £97 to Mr Robert Skelton.

A smaller show of ewes forward resulted in a more brisk trade throughout, selling to a top of £129.50 for Suffolks from Messrs Gardner, Glebelands.

Prize Awards

South Country Cheviot: 1, Messrs Wilson, Woodside – 45kg, £94.00; 2, Messrs Millar, Woodhouse Hill – 42kg, £89.80.

North Country Cheviot: 1, Messrs Maxwell, Halket Leathes – 47kg, £97.00; 2, Messrs Millar, Woodhouse Hill – 45.5kg - £93.20.

Overall Champion: Messrs Wilson, Woodside. Reserve Champion: Messrs Maxwell, Halket Leathes.


BULLS – per kilo: Limousin 212.5p Castlehill. Montbeliarde 181.5p Hayclose. Holstein 179.5p Street Head.

Overall: Limousin £1624 Hargill House.

BULLOCKS – Limousin 215.5p Silverhow Farm. British Blue 209.5p Jackson Rigg.

Overall: British Blue £1544 Jackson Rigg. Bazadaise £1415 Gelt Hall. Limousin £1404 Blackrigg.

HEIFERS – Limousin 222.5p Ainstable Hall. British Blue 220.5p Ainstable Hall. Blonde 214.5p, 213.5p Glenzier Foot. Charolais 208.5p Duntop.

Overall: Limousin £1296, £1261 Ainstable Hall. Bazadaise £1288 Church Farm.

HOGGS – per head: Beltex £116.80 Lairdlaugh, £116.80 Winterhope Farm. Texel £108.80 Kilnknowe, £108.80 Winterhope Farm. Suffolk £106.80 Fern House. Hill Cheviot £100, £97 Halket Leathes Farm. Dutch Texel £93.80 Ashfield. Charollais £91.80 Hallmoor. Rouge £91.80 Outer Woodhead. Greyfaced £89.80 Jacksonrigg, £89.80 Balgray Hill, £89.30 Mirkbooths. Blackfaced £85.30, £84.80 Balgray Hill.

Per kilo: Beltex 294.2p Snade Farm. Texel 284.2p Copperthorns. Dutch Texel 228.8p Ashfield. Charollais 223.9p Hallmoor. Suffolk 214.3p Copperthorns. Rouge 201.8p Outer Woodhead. Greyfaced 198.1p Branch End. Herdwick 196.7p Cardewlees.

CAST EWES – per head: Suffolk £129.50 Glebelands. Texel £124.50 Sunnygill Farm. Beltex £119.50, £106.50 Glenmaid Farm. Zwartble £98.50 Springfield Farm. Greyfaced £92.50 Low Buildings. Hill Cheviot £74.50 Westfield House. Swaledale £77.50 Branch End, £67.50 Kilnknowe.


Wednesday March 7

TOTAL FORWARD 74 prime cattle, bulls and cows and 2,693 prime sheep including ewes.

Cattle were the best trade ever with a top of 230 p/kg for a Limousin heifer from Thomas Tyson, East House Farm, purchased by Mark Lindsay. Len Skelton, Low House Farm’s run of heifers averaged 225 p/kg topping at 228 p/kg to Haighs Butchers, Workington. John Hodgson, Parsonage Farm, sold heifers to 216 p/kg purchased by Mark Lindsay.

Prime bulls were tremendous with Black & Whites regular 180p/kg plus.

The cast cow trade had to be seen to be believed. Ten active bidders were bidding for all classes of cattle.

Prime hoggs saw best sorts unreal and regular 260 to 300 p/kg. Fell lambs were slightly steadier, regular 185 to 195 p/kg.

Top price of the day was £126.50 for 13 Beltex hoggs from Sean Harryman, Keskadale Farm, purchased by Robert Skelton. These were also top price per kilo at 315 pence.

Cast ewes were a tremendous trade.


HEIFERS – per kg, Limousin 230 East House. Blonde D’Aquitaine 228 Low House. British Blue 227 Low House.

STEERS – per kg, Limousin 210 Stowbank.

BULLS – per kg, Limousin 203.5 Terrace Farm. British Blue 194 Adamgill. Black & White 184.5 Home Farm. Holstein 184.5 Hall Santon.

CAST COWS – per kg, Black & White 132.5 Weary Hall Stile.

CAST BULLS – per kg, Limousin 164.5 Whinns Farm. Beef Shorthorn 128.5 Mossergate.

HOGGS – per head, Beltex 126.50 Keskadale. Texel 112.50 Holmecroft; 120.50, Keskadale. Charollais 106.50 Keskadale. Lleyn 103.50 Home Farm. Suffolk 96.50, 95.50 New Cowper. Cheviot 95.50 Stonecroft 91.50 Row Hall. Mule 90 Wilson Parks. Texel X Herdwick 86.50 Ponsonby Old Hall. Swaledale 83 Wescoe. Herdwick 80.50 Burnthwaite. Scotch Blackface 79 Croft House Farm.

Per kilo: Beltex 314.9 Keskadale. Texel 295.9 Bolton Wood Lane. Charollais 266.3 Keskadale. Lleyn 258.8 Home Farm. Rouge 252.2 Keskadale. Cheviot 223.2 Row Hall. Texel X Herdwick 216.3 Ponsonby Old Hall. Mule 200 Station Rd. Scotch Blackface 197.5 Croft House Farm. Herdwick 195.9 Hollows Farm. Swaledale 191.7 Keskadale. Suffolk 189.2 High Dyke. Jacob 187.1 Brimmer Head.

CAST EWES (£ per head) – Texel 158.50 Shepherds Hotel. Suffolk 133.50 New Cowper. Mule 120.50 Holmerigg. Bluefaced Leicester 116.50 Chapel House Farm. Lleyn 104.50 Mill House. Rouge 91.50 Birks Farm. Herdwick 81.50 High Dyke. Swaledale 62.50 High Dyke.

CAST RAMS – per head, Texel 126.50 Shepherds Hotel. Charollais 114.50 Mill Farm. Dorset 106.50 Station Rd. Cheviot 100.50 Little Braithwaite. Lleyn 90 Woodside Cottage. Swaledale 66.50 Wescoe. Herdwick 60.50 Easthwaite.


Wednesday March 7

TOTAL FORWARD 36 Prime Cattle; 1380 Prime Hoggs; 462 Cast Ewes & Rams.

Prime cattle trade improved with more required to fill orders.

Limousin Heavyweight Heifers peaked at 228.5p from J & J Campbell, Dinnans to M/S Fraser Butchers of Stranraer. Limousin Lightweight Heifers topped at 225.5p from D & R Cornthwaite Balgrayhill to R Johnstone & Sons, Annan. Top Gross Heifer £1336.73 Dinnans.

Limousin Bullocks peaked at 211.5p from Allerbeck Farms to Border Meats, Lockerbie. Top Gross Bullock £1595.03 Waterside.

Prime Hogg trade remained firm for handy weights whilst heavier sorts continue to be harder to sell. Sale average 202.6p.

462 Cast Ewes & Rams forward – very little difference to trade seen in previous weeks. Plainer show for quality.


HEIFERS – Heavyweight, Limousin 228.5p Dinnans.

Lightweight, Limousin 225.5p Balgrayhill. British Blue 213.5p Dinnans.

BULLOCKS – Limousin 211.5p Allerbeck Farms.

HOGGS – 32.1-39Kg to 221p ave 203.1p: Texel 218p Philgowan. Charollais 221p High Craighead. Suffolk 221p Outertown. Blackface 204p Grimmet. Charolais £86 High Craighead. Suffolk to £80.20 Outertown. Texel to £83.50 West Skelston. Blackface £76 Grimmet. Cheviot £78 South Glen.

39.1-45.5Kg to 217p Oakrigg ave 202.4p: Texel to 217p Oakrigg. Beltex to 217p Newton. Suffolk 210p Rigghead. Cheviot 210p Auchencrieff. Blackface 206p Craigdarroch. Beltex £93.50 Oakrigg. Texel £93.50 Newton. Suffolk £88.50 Townhead. Charolais £87.50 Struanlea. Mule £84 High Craighead. Blackface £87.50 Craigdarroch. Cheviot £86 Auchencrieff.

46Kg + 219p ave 187.8p: Beltex 219p Oakrigg. Texel 210p Newton. Cheviot 195p Auchencrieff. Texel £106.50 Townfoot. Beltex £105 Holm. Suffolk £92.50 West Skelston.

CAST EWES – Suffolk £135.50 Sunnyhill. Texel £111.50 West Skelston. Cross £101.50 Horseholm. NCC £93.50 Castlehill. Lleyn £83.50 Maxwelltown. Blackface £75.50 Leithenhall.

RAMS – NCC £117.50 Capelfoot. Texel £116.50 Capelfoot. Leicester £110 Eastlands. Easycare £109.50 Glenkiln. Suffolk £93.50 Sunnyhill. Cheviot £92.50 Glenkiln. Blackface £87.50 Laughtmuirside. Heavy Ewes averaged £83.73. Light Ewes averaged £57.62.


Tuesday March 6

TOTAL FORWARD 1,318 prime sheep

Trade for all classes was better than expected once again, with a full ringside of 10 buyers being in attendance.


HOGGS – per Head: Beltex £101.80 Dona Close. Texel £100.80 Fellside. Cheviot £94.30 Crosby Hall. Suffolk £90.30 Low Barn. Mule £88.80 Burton Hill. Swaledale £86.80 Farney Shields. Bluefaced Leicester £84.30 Ashgill Farm. Rough Fell £77.30 Raisgill Hall.

Per Kilo: Beltex 243.2p Low Barn. Charollais 215.3p Blacksyke. Texel 213.6p Dona Close. Cheviot 207.2p Rosgill Head. Suffolk 201.3p School Hill Farm. Mule 200p Chapel House. Welsh 199.2p Lytheside. Scotch Blackface 193.4p Elm Gill. Swaledale 188.3p Arngill House. CAST EWES & RAMS – Texel £111.50 Helbeck Farm. Suffolk £88.50 Blacksyke. Cheviot £77.50 Piper Hole. Mule £77.50 Pennine View. Rough Fell £75.50 Raisgill Hall. Swaledale £73.50 Rakehead Farm.


Monday March 5

TOTAL FORWARD 422 prime hoggs

Prime hoggs were in demand averaging 214.2ppk. Top price went to Messrs Strawhorn of Dalmakether with Beltex selling at £108. Other Beltex consigned by Mr B Ryder of Newton Cottage sold to £104, and North Country Cheviots sold to £103 from Broomhillbank. Texels reached £101 from Newton Cottage. Top price per kilo went to Dalmakether for a pen of Beltex fetching 255.8ppk, North Country Cheviots to 234.1ppk from Broomhillbank.


HOGGS – per head: Beltex £110 Dalmakether. North Country Cheviot £103 Dalmakether. Texel £101 Newton Cottage.

Per kilo: Beltex 255.8p Dalmakether. North Country Cheviot 234.1p Dalmakether. Texel 233.3p Supplebank. Hill Cheviot 221.1p Supplebank.


Thursday March 1

TOTAL FORWARD 45 prime cattle, 4 young bulls, 6,241 prime hoggs and 6,302 cast ewes & rams

A smaller show of prime cattle was forward but still plenty of quality on offer, with Limousin heifers topping at 229.5p from A & WJ Taylor & Son, Dashwellgreen and 227.5p from J & N Blaylock & Son, Hallburn. Bullocks sold to 212.5p for a Limousin from DJ Garthwaite & Son, Wyseby Hill Cottage.

Bulls met a buoyant trade once again, topping at 193.5p from MH & J Shearing, The Hagg.

Another large show of 6,241 prime hoggs were forward and in line with the weeks hard trading, the sale average was 202p per kilo, SQQ 199p. Buyers remain cautious and in no real urgency for sheep. Export weight hoggs and small hoggs easily sold between 200p and 220p but heavier hoggs 45-50 kilos tricky. Overweights better than experienced at most centres this week. The sale was topped at 262p per kilo for Beltex from Lurgan, Aberfeldy and to £130.50 and £118.50 per head for Texels from Four O Boot.

The 1,868 lightweight hoggs sold to a top of £83.50 for Beltex from Kirkland Green.

Another excellent show of 6,302 cast ewes & rams upheld recent rates, especially for heavy ewes. Plainer ewes £2 easier and in big numbers. Best selling ewes short of buyers requirements. The sale was topped at £158.50 for heavy Suffolk ewes from Fontanbleau, Aberdeen.


BULLOCKS – per kilo, Limousin 212.5p Wyseby Hill Cottage. Charolais 208.5p, 198.5p High Stenries. British Blue 205.5p Dashwell Green.

Per head, Limousin £1,510 Dashwell Green. British Blue £1,500 Dashwell Green. Charolais £1,449, £1,429 High Stenries.

HEIFERS – Limousin 229.5p Dashwell Green. Charolais 218.5p, 213.5p, 212.5p, Hallburn. Bazadaise 218.5p Houghton House. British Blue 219.5p, 211.5p Gardrum.

Per head, Charolais £1,373, £1,321 Sceughdyke. British Blue £1,365, £1,327 Gardrum. Limousin £1,251 Wyseby Hill Cottage. Bazadaise £1,201 Houghton House.

BULLS – Simmental 193.5p, 191.5p The Hagg. British Blue 181.5p Becton Hall.

Friesian 176.5p Becton Hall.

Per head, Simmental £1,043 The Hagg. British Blue £1,016 Becton Hall.

HOGGS – Texels £130.50, £118.50 Four O Boot. Beltex £99.50 Lurgan. Charollais £98.20, £97.80 Wick Farm. Suffolk £94.50 Pirntaton. Greyface £92.80 Fardingjames. Hill Cheviot £92.20, £91.80 Becks. Bleu d’Maine £91.50 Branxholm Town. Blackface £89.20, £88.20 Smalmstown. North Country Cheviot £89.20 Lurgan. Cheviot Mule £81.50 North House. Jacob £79.80 Cardewlees. Herdwick £79.80 Longrow. Swaledale £77.50 Stubsgill.

Lightweight, Beltex £83.50 Kirkland Green. Texel £78.80 Langholm Farm. Suffolk £76.20 Tister. Hill Cheviot £75.80 Faulding Cleugh. Charollais £74.80 Ardlamy. Blackface £73.80 Sorbie. Greyface £70.50 Stubsgill and Gapshield. Swaledale £66.50 Sheepriggs.

CAST EWES & RAMS – Heavy Suffolks £158.50 Fontanbleau. Texel £150.50 Crailloch and Newton of Crathie. Charollais £146.50 Burdon. Leicester £138.50 Softley. Half Bred £138.50 Newton of Crathie. Beltex £130.50 Newton of Crathie. Millenium Blue £128.50 Lirrit. North Country Cheviot £118.50 Lirrit and Durran Mains. Greyface £108.50 Wick Farm. Cheviot Mule £99.50 Clackmae.

Heavy Texels £150.50 Maidencoates. Suffolk £136.50 North House. Charollais £131.50 Roadside. Beltex £123.50 Castletown. Leicester £120.50 Morley Hill. Millenium Blue £120.50 Lurgan. North Country Cheviot £120.50 Sinclair Street. Greyface £110.50, £102.50 Castletown. Half Bred £108.50 Newbigging. Cheviot Mule £106.50 Newbigging.

Hill ewes, Cheviots £100.50 Allfornaught. Blackface £98.50 Severs. Lleyn £92.50, £82.50 Marygate. Kendal Rough £89.50 Little Galla. Swaledale £79.50 Wolfcleugh Cottage. Shetland £68.50 Lirrit. Milk Sheep £64.50 Newbigging. Herdwick £60.50 Stackbraes.

Rams, Suffolks £148.50 Durran Mains. Texel £142.50 Hollinclose, Skinnet and Marygate. Leicester £130.50 South Mains. North Country Cheviot £128.50, £122.50 Carruthers. Charollais £118.50 Severs. Dorset £110.50 Burdon. Hill Cheviot £100.50 Newton of Crathie and South Mains. Blackface £108.50 Newton of Crathie £96.50 Yatesfield. Beltex £98.50 Carruthers. Swaledale £78.50 Marygate.

AVERAGES – Steers Medium to 208.5p (199.8p); Heavy to 212.5p (199.3p). Heifers Light to 209.5p (196.2p); Medium to 229.5p (208.7p); Heavy to 219.5p (201.8p). Young bulls 193.5p (185.5p). Hoggs Light to 227.0p (203.7p); Standard to 262.0p (204.7p); Medium to 228.0p (200.2p); Heavy to 199.0p (178.5p). Ewes Light to £100.50 (£62.68); Heavy to £158.50 (£96.43); Cast Rams £148.50 (£93.60).


Monday March 5


BULLS – p/kg, Black & White 180.5 Ratten Castle; 177.5 Middlesceugh Hall; 169.5 Low Brow.

Per head, Black & White £1176.86 Ratten Castle; £1132.45 Middlesceugh Hall.

Wednesday March 7

TOTAL FORWARD 4,430 Prime Sheep, comprising of 3,633 Prime Hoggs, & 797 Cast Ewes & Rams.

Leading price of the day was 325.0p/kg knocked down for a pen of three Beltex Hoggs from Messrs Bindloss, Shap Abbey, purchased by Vivers Scotlamb Ltd.

Top price on the day was £128.50, for a pen of four Beltex Hoggs from Andrew Dickinson, High Knipe, also purchased by Vivers Scotlamb

A market average for all weights was a very satisfactory 201.0p/kg, this included a high percentage of horned type of hoggs throughout.

Cast ewes & rams saw a similar trade to previous weeks. Mule ewes were £96-£101, Continental ewes £110-£130, Swaledale ewes with flesh were at £70 plus.


HOGGS – p/kg, Beltex 325.0 & 319.0 Shap Abbey; 320.0 Scales Farm (Wilson). Texel 322.0, 321.0 & 318.0 Bryn Dansi; 318.0 Bank Farm. Cheviot 228.0 Dale Head; 222.0 High Cragg; 217.0 Midtown. Continental 218.0 High Knipe; 210.0 Well House; 207.0 Peatgates. Charollais 218.0 Brigham Bank; 208.0 Far Close Farm. Suffolk 211.0 Lowside; 207.0 & 206.0 Honeypot. Herdwick 210.0 Gillside. Scotch 205.0 Ravenwood Cottage; 203.0 (3) Black Leases. Mule 202.0 Burns Farm (Cartmel); 193.0 & 190.0 Fog Close. Swaledale 195.0 & 189.0 Gale Hall; 189.0 (2) Dale Head Farm.

Per head, Beltex £128.50 High Knipe; £128 & £127 Skelling Farm; £127 Gillside; £126 Scales Farm (Wilson). Texel £123.50, £122.50 (2), £122 (2) Bryn Dansi. Suffolk £100 Midtown; £97 Low House (Dickinson); £97 High Harberwain; £95 Millbeck. Charollais £97.50 Low Row; £87 Brigham Bank. Mule £95.50 Old Parks; £91.80, £91.50 Hole House (Ivinson). Continental £95, £91 & £88 Peatgates; £88 South Field (Wilson). Zwartble £94.50 Midtown. Cheviot £92 & £91 Midtown; £90 Kirkbarrow Hall. Scotch £87.50 Kirkbarrow Hall; £87 Black Leases; £85.50 & £81 Luham. Herdwick £86 Gillside; £78.50 Winter Cragg. Swaledale £85 Hole House (Ivinson); £81 Millbeck; £80 Howtown Hotel. Masham £83.50 Low Field (Wilson). Rough Fell £77.50 Raw Foot.

CAST EWES – Texel (av £102.12) £140 Haltcliffe; £126 Midtown; £121 Borrans Hill; £121 Lowside. Suffolk (av £114.00) £133.50 & £117 Midtown; £118 Moor Farm. Continental (av £96.58) £120 & £116 Midtown; £116 Bank End House. Charollais (av £97.50) £117 Low Row. Cheviot (av £85.57) £116 Midtown; £113 Highrigg; £109 Moor Farm. Bluefaced Leicester (av £102.30) £113.50 Moor Farm; £113 Leigh Croft; £106 Well House. Mule (av £91.98) £101.50 Midtown; £100 Haltcliffe; £98.50 Borrans Hill; £98.50 Tirril View. Beltex (av £94.83) £101 Buckles Farm. Zwartble (av £89.75) £99 Lowther Street. Rough Fell (av £69.88) £86 & £81 High Lane. Herdwick (av £54.53) £83.50 Gillside; £67 Underhelm Farm. Scotch (av £73.37) £82 Wallthwaite; £80 Barkbeth. Swaledale (av £62.23) £78.50 Gillside; £76.50 Well House; £75 Low Mill.

RAMS – Texel (av £104.92) £133 Far Side; £126 Haltcliffe; £110 Eastward Farm. Bluefaced Leicester (av £110.00) £122 Well House. Charollais (av £107.00) £107 Lowside. Swaledale (av £75.33) £89 Lowside; £69 Well House.


Tuesday March 6

TOTAL FORWARD 145 Cattle including Bulls, and 547 Prime Sheep including Ewes

Less about, but trade sharper for all classes improving returns across the board, with averages showing a 4p increase.

The top price of 234.5p per kg was paid for a British Blue Heifer shown by JG & M Little, Greenhill Farm and was purchased by G Riley & Sons, Dunnockshaw. A Limousin Heifer shown by Messrs AE Fawkes & Sons, Welton Farm made the top price per head of £1481.31 and was purchased by T Harrison, Cockermouth.

Top price for Steers was 228.5p per kg for a Limousin which was shown by JG & M Little, Greenhill Farm. Top price per head of £1653.25 was paid for a Limousin Steer shown by Messrs Bowe, Bothel Parks, Bothel.

The top price of 216.5p per kg was paid for a Blonde Bull shown by J F Bowe & Sons, Calvo and was purchased by G Riley & Sons, Dunnockshaw. This Bull also made top price of £1619.42 per head.

Over Thirty Months cattle sold to 186.5p per kg paid for a Limousin Heifer shown by DA Harrison, The Old Vicarage, Westnewton.

A nice show and a trade far swifter than predicted with all classes finding ready homes although the Beltex export sheep finding an extra gear and widening the gap.

A top price of 363.9p per kg was paid for Dutch Texel Hoggs shown by T Steel, The Laurels, Dundraw and were purchased by Vivers Scotlamb, Annan. Top price of £146 was paid to Messrs J Dixon & Son, Lessonhall for a Texel Hogg purchased by R J Harrison, Wigton.


HEIFERS – British Blue 234.5 Greenhill. Limousin 232.5 Low House Farm. Charolais 213.5 East Mill. Blonde 213.5 Oughterside Mill.

STEERS – Limousin 228.5 Greenhill Farm. British Blue 222.5 Crosby House. Blonde 217.5 The Old Vicarage. Aberdeen Angus 198.5 High Aketon. Simmental 190.5 Rose Farm. Charolais 189.5 Rose Farm. Holstein Friesian 148.5 Parkgate Hall.

BULLS – Blonde 216.5 Calvo. Limousin 215.5 Harrot Hill. British Blue 214.5 Mechi. Aberdeen Angus 187.5 185.5 The Thwaites. Simmental 185.5 Pasture House. Holstein Friesian 185.5 Seacroft.

AVERAGES – HEIFERS LW 234.5 (216.54) MW 232.50 (204.99) HW 226.5 (201.76); STEERS LW 201.5 (197.29) MW 224.5 (201.07) HW 228.5 (207.97); BULLS LW 214.5 (173.93) MW 211.5 (189.59) HW 216.5 (196.27).

HOGGS – Per Head: Texel £146 Lessonhall. Beltex £145 Inglewood Edge. Dutch Texel £131 The Laurels (T Steel). Berrichon £122 Stanger Hill. Cheviot £102 Ericstane.

Per Kg, Dutch Texel 363.9 The Laurels (T Steel). Texel 347.6 Lessonhall (Dixon). Beltex 345.2 Inglewood Edge. Berrichon 290.5 Stanger Hill. Cheviot 215.8 213.8 Ericstane.

EWES – Texel £123 £108 Lessonhall (Dixon). Zwartble £121 Raughton Farm. Suffolk £114 Newtown Farm. Beltex £90 Parkgate Hall.

AVERAGES SW 363.9 (235.15) MW 347.6 (235.86) HW 282.6 (213.89) OW 231.5 (176.94).


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