Monday, 08 February 2016

Stepping Stones Promote Local Business

 If you happen to be voting at the Brampton Community Centre Polling Station this Thursday, do take the opportunity to drop off flyers and/or information about local businesses and organisations which will be posted on the Community Information Board during Maddy Prior’s Music Festival. The Stepping Stones Festival is an opportunity to showcase Brampton to our many visitors coming from all around the Country, proving that it is a fantastic and friendly place to live and encouraging them to come back and visit us again.


Money from entry fees to the site and from the programmes will go towards The Great North Air Ambulance, Pride of Cumbria, a charity from which we all hope we will never have to benefit but which we trust will always be there in case of emergencies. So if you aren’t already involved, why not come along to the Festival during the day and for £2 you can enjoy good Open Mic music and entertainment and help support a good local cause at the same time?


There are still some tickets available for all concerts too at £15 (limit of one per day)



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