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Open Spaces Update May 2012

Open Spaces

The month of April was so wet and cold that we didn’t see much real growth in the poly tunnel. The salad crops and the tomatoes have not put on much growth, but that doesn’t mean that we are not working hard in the outside area.
Not only have we replanted a donation of rhubarb, from one of our WHS staff, but we have also improved the soil in the vegetable planting area.

Our brand new compost bin with three bays is perfect to allow waste material to rot down, and the ensuing compost is rich and crumbly.  This new compost has now enriched the strawberry patch, the rhubarb patch and also the perennial flower bed area.
We have not only had plenty of eggs from the hens but we have also had lots of duck eggs.  The ducks have their own ideas on where to lay these eggs; under the new shady brash stacks is a firm favourite at the moment!

The daily grain feeds for the poultry are important areas to wild birds such as robins, thrushes and sparrows now.  Not only do we have an increasing number of birds, we have some regulars; especially the robin, who is feeding a hungry brood now.

Our recent coffee morning fund-raiser was highly successful, involving the donations of both pupils and staff, who gave up time and labour for the morning.  The combined effort helped to raise enough money to buy a reconditioned lawn mower.  Although the poultry do keep their own grass clipped, there are some other areas that will start to grow as the temperature rises.

Our after school gardening on Wednesday continues to be very successful. Not only do we get time to plant out and clear weeds, we also share in the produce to take home.  This week we took home sprouting broccoli and curly kale.

Sad news- going clucky!
One of our best laying hens has gone broody.  She will not budge from that nesting box and is being very reluctant to give up the eggs that she sits on.  These eggs are not even hers!


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