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Memorial planted for Edie Harbord

Allotment planing
Eric Griffiths plants the memorial clematis

Allotment holders at the Clay Dubbs site gathered today to remember their friend and fellow grow-your-own enthusiast Edie Harbord.

The sudden death of Edie, aged 58, had shocked her many friends and associates and hundreds of people had attended her funeral earlier in the week.

Today allotment holders planted a clematis which will grow across a wall on the Gelt Road site.

It will be a small token to remind allotment holders of Edie who put so much energy into helping set up the allotment association and other projects with sustainable Brampton.

The Clay Dubbs Allotment Association will also make a donation to Brampton Methodist Church in accordance with her family’s wishes.

April 16th: How to get on the allotment waiting list

There are still 22 people on the waiting list for allotments in Brampton following the setting up of the Clay Dubbs site on Gelt Roa

If you would like to put your name on the waiting list please contact Brampton Parish Council or contact Pat O'Shea (the Lettings Administrator for the allotment association) on

A form will be provided for contact details and once this is received back your name will be added to the waiting list.

July 2009

Rabbits have been running amok on some plots, but help is now at hand. 

Brampton Allotment Association was given £412.49 by the Neighbourhood Forum to pay for rabbit proof fencing and water supply piping on the Clay Dubbs site.

A fence is being put up around the site, dug a foot into the ground to keep the rabbit out.

Other work on the site includes a track to give better access to the site, a container to lock up equipment and seating for weary allotment holders.


May 18th

The new Clay Dubbs site has been fully rotivated and allotment owners are now free to work on their plots and get planting.

A team from the Brampton Allotment Association rotivated the site yesterday and the first vegetables to be planted were seed potatoes and a row of cauliflower seedlings by Nick Turner and his family.

May 13th

If you have any questions about the allotment or would like to add your name to the waiting list please contact Nick Turner or call 016977 3643

 A reminder that letters have gone out to everyone in Brampton who has expressed an interest in an allotment should have received a letter updating them on allocation and the waiting list.

If you have not received a letter or would like to add your name to the waiting list please get in touch.


April 14th 2009: Wait for allotments nearly over

After a long wait allotment holders should be able to get on to Clay Dubbs site within two weeks.


The site was sprayed on Saturday, will be marked out today and should be ploughed within two weeks, contractors permitting.

Letters have been going out this week to everyone who expressed an interest in getting an allotment last year.

The letter tells them how the allotments at Clay Dubbs have been allocated and where they are on the waiting list for allotments including any that might be allocated once a second site has been developed in the Dacre Road area.

The Association is also investigating a garden sharing scheme which might provide more opportunity for growing fruit and veg around Brampton.

Details of an open meeting giving advice on growing your own food will be announced shortly.

April 1st

Brampton Allotment Association held its AGM on March 31st.

The committee was elected as follows:

  • Jon Hampson - Chairman
  •  John Smith – Treasurer
  •  Wendy Griffiths – Secretary
  •  Nick Turner - Listings Administrator (WG and JH)
  • Lisa Alexander, Edie Harbord, Dot Bennett and George Chapman elected to serve on the committee.



November 19 2008

The Brampton Allotment Association was established this week.

The Association has been set up to manage the allotments at the Clay Dubbs site on Gelt Road.

It is now likely that the site will have around 15 allotments and it is hope the Parish Council will be able to provide a larger site near Dacre Road in the near future.

The Association is aiming to include a raised plot on the Clay Dubbs site to enable disabled gardeners to use the site.

The Association has a 12 person committee which includes chairman John Hampson, secretary Wendy Griffiths, treasurer John Smith and lettings officer Nick Turner.

If you have any questions about the Association or allotments in Brampton please call Nick Turner on 016977 3643 or send an email to

You can also leave comments and questions on this page using the form below.

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