Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Historic Moot Hall to Showcase Local Talent

Brampton Zazz
by local artist Steven Warnes

Brampton's historic Moot Hall, a building which itself has been captured thousands of times by artists, both local and visiting, is set to become the centrepiece of the re-branding of the town.

With the support of Brampton Parish Council, Hadrian’s Wall Heritage, and Brampton & District Business Association, plans are being submitted for a grant towards bringing the Moot Hall and the Tourist Information Centre up to date, while retaining its character in a tasteful and practical manner. A previous bid by the Parish Council has been sucessful and they have now recieved funding to purchase high quality display/exhibition equipment to mount and showcase art and craftwork.

A public consultation revealed that the people of Brampton support the idea of a space for artists and groups to display their work. The idea of a rooftop cafe has been rejected but improved facilities for tea & coffee making at events will be available.
There are many different artists in the area, some work alone; others belong to a wide range of groups and gatherings.
A recent trail to test see if there was sufficient interest in providing a town centre exhibition space had positive results.
Any artists, sculptors, musicians, performers, crafters or writers interested in an opportunity to showcase their work please forward your details to hairport9@aol.com marked Brampton Arts or leave your details at Hairport 46 Main Street Brampton CA8 1SB where a database will be formed.
All participating artists will have an opportunity to join Brampton Gallery of the Arts. This is a free service to promote arts in the area.


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