Friday, 12 February 2016

Hairport Newsletter

Unashamedly BIG Hair

Thanks to the girls of TOWIE and Desperate Scousewives a new craze has hit the nation.

As a glowing homage to Hilda Ogden, the celebrity housewives of today can once again be seen out and about in their rollers.

SleepRollers are BIG they are PINK and they are GLAM, the older clientelle are bemused by the craze which has 'all been done before',

Well actually, it's not quite the same. There are no plastic bits to dig in, they are big pink velcro wrapped cushions, in fact it is just like wearing a pillow on your head. 

Creator of Sleeprollers Katie McDermott is one of the youngest new entrepeneurs in the UK, her SLEEPROLLERS are adored by all ages,her mission is to share the sectret of big hair with little effort,

To reserve a set call Hairport on 016977 3866 20 SLEEPROLLERS in bag £16.50, 10 for £8, accessories include Hood Dryer £16.50, Clips, bun rings,plaits and other accessories available.


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