Monday, 08 February 2016

Election fever grabs Brigham school

SLIDESHOW: ELECTION fever gripped pupils in Brigham as they stood for the school council.

ELECTION fever gripped pupils in Brigham as they stood for the school council.

Candidates from years five and six at St Bridget’s Primary School gave speeches in front of their classmates to win votes.

They produced their own manifestos and designed posters to support their campaigns, which were displayed throughout the school.

On voting day, pupils then queued at the ballot box.

Nine-year-old Ben Greaves was one of those standing for election.

He said: “I’m nervous. I think people should vote for me, because I would improve the toilets and get better equipment. I would also make more races on sports day.”

Fellow candidate Sarah Walton, 10, said: “I’ll listen to people and I will take on their ideas. I’ll also organise more fund-raising activities at the school.”

Christopher McKay, also 10, said: “I just hope that I have for enough votes to do it, but I don’t know.

“I’m new to the school and I’ve got lots of ideas. I hope people voted for me, because this is a brilliant school.”

Nathaniel May, 10, said: “I always stand for election every year. I think we should be allowed to watch DVDs at playtime, so we would have something different to do.”

The youngsters have been learning about voting and politics alongside the elections.

Year five and six teacher Julie Middleton said: “We have been talking about how an election works. It’s not just about voting for your friend, but voting for the best person for the job.

“The pupils are also developing their public speaking skills through this exercise.”

When the votes were counted, Nathaniel May and Katie Lowles were the winners in year six, while Ben Greaves and Bethany Middleton received the most votes in year five.

Four pupils from each class at the school were elected and the 16 successful candidates will now sit on the school council.


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