Saturday, 13 February 2016

Cumbrian woman's speed curb call

A Brampton woman has called for action over speeding motorists on a town street, warning lives could be at risk.

Joycelyne Hamilton wants traffic calming measures on the A6071 to stop drivers breaking the 30mph limit.

Her call comes after her pet cat was killed by a car that witnesses say was speeding into the town past Moatside.

“I’ve seen drastic speeds at well over 60mph,” said Mrs Hamilton, who lives at The Sands, near Murray Park and the Moat.

“We are right at the corner of the park and there are children coming out of it. There’s also elderly people coming out of the Wilson homes up the road.

“The time I spent in the vets with a dying cat was distressing. Eventually it’s not going to just be a cat.”

Mrs Hamilton believes that the speeding is potentially more hazardous because of a blind hill just yards from the park entrance.

“You get so many lorries going to Longtown as it’s a shortcut on the sat navigation system and they cut off the A69,” she added.

“Only two weeks ago I heard horns blowing outside and looked out of the window to see a lorry travelling towards the [town] being overtaken by a white transit van.

“That means we had two lanes of traffic, heading at speed up a blind hill. I’m really concerned.”

There is equipment that flashes a 30mph sign if motorists break the limit on their approach to the town.

But Mrs Hamilton called it a “waste of energy”, adding: “I’d like the lights to be changed to a camera, speed bumps or some kind of traffic calming.”

Police say the area is a known hotspot for speeding drivers and officers regularly target the point where three roads meet near The Sands.

At a parish council meeting last Tuesday, Sergeant Jon Oliphant said: “It is an identified hotspot. We have had the odd bump there.”

Brampton Speedwatch volunteers have also targeted the area.

Under the scheme, volunteers trained in using a speed gun have monitored drivers.

Those caught speeding are sent a letter by police, followed by a second warning if they reoffend.

Councillors asked officers if traffic calming measures such as speed bumps could be introduced.

But Sgt Oliphant said: “There are massive cost implications. We would have to have a little bit more justification.

“It is obviously strangers to the town flying down there. Everybody else knows there’s sometimes a [speed camera] van there.”

He added that a temporary sign that displays motorists’ actual speed will be put in place as a further measure.


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