Saturday, 13 February 2016

Carlisle thug jailed for two years for ‘wanton violence’

A thug with dozens of previous convictions has been jailed after attacking two women and a man in a string of “wanton acts of violence”.

Brian Harold photo
Brian Harold, of Carlisle: Admitted common assault and two charges of assault causing actual bodily harm and was jailed for two years

Brian Harold, 29, was on bail at the time of two of the assaults, one of which involved him fracturing the nose of a woman who had been walking while pushing a wheelchair for support in Carlisle.

He also left another victim needing seven stitches above her eye after a row over cash – and headbutted a man after at first insulting his wife in the street.

Harold, of Partridge Place, off Wigton Road, Carlisle, was jailed for two years yesterday for crimes committed, the court heard, “against a background that involved drink and possibly drugs”.

He was sentenced at Carlisle Crown Court after admitting common assault and two charges of assault causing actual bodily harm.

Also in the dock with him was Sandra Norman, 22, of Dalton Avenue, Raffles, Carlisle, who admitted destroying glasses belonging to one of the victims.

Brendan Burke, prosecuting, told the court the first attack happened in August last year.

Claire Elliott, an ex-girlfriend of Harold’s, was walking along Wigton Road with her daughter, “pushing a wheelchair for support”.

One of the wheels caught Harold, who reacted by spitting twice in her face and shouting: “I’m going to knock you out”.

Mr Burke said: “He hit her hard in the face. She immediately felt blood coming.” Harold fled. His victim “received a fracture to the nose”.

On September 19, Carrie Anne Proctor, with whom Harold used to have a relationship, went to his home. Norman was also there, the court heard.

Mr Burke said: “A three-way argument appears to have erupted about each of them owing each other money.”

Harold punched Carrie Anne Proctor and assaulted her with a child’s bat or skittle. Her glasses came off and Norman got hold of them, wrecking them.

The victim managed to escape and called for help. She needed seven stitches to a wound above her left eye.

On March 29, Harold was living in Brampton, the court heard. His third victim, Paul Clark, was sitting on his doorstep with his wife. Harold passed by and insulted her.

Mr Clark, the court was told, asked Harold to calm down and “just go home” – but Harold spat in his face and headbutted him in the nose.

The court heard Harold had convictions going back to 1996. These include offences of assault, battery and threatening behaviour.

Greg Hoare, in mitigation, admitted the latest attacks were “wanton acts of violence”.

He added: “Once he’s not seeing things through that thick haze of drink he can see a way forward.”

Harold was sentenced to four months in jail for the attack on Claire Elliott, a year for the assault on Carrie Anne Proctor and eight months for the attack on Paul Clark, to be served consecutively.

Norman was jailed for four weeks for destroying the glasses.


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